It is quite curious to think that there is a device monitoring everything that happens in the world. An artifact that keeps taking hundreds of photos of our streets and avenues and that captures our society with extreme detail. It sounds like a science fiction invention, but it is far from being a myth: Google Earth is a reality. With this device, our world is literally at our hands; we just have to put the exact coordinates of a place we want to see, or simply type its name, and we will have an overview high-fidelity image of it. With this mechanism, we can explore our world without having to step out of our homes. Want to see the location of a specific avenue? Now you can. Want to search the streets in order to look for a restaurant? Sure thing. Want to explore the Himalayans? No problem at all. Google Earth gives you the tools you need for your exploration. There’s also the option of viewing the streets of major cities through the Google Street View option. But why do we mention this? Do we want to make a powerful statement regarding the importance of technology in today’s society? Very close. Actually, we want to do a list of funny photos that have been captured by this application. Here is the list: