Taipei is considered the food capital of Asia, that’s why I went on a massive mission to find the TOP 10 Taiwanese street foods at the Shilin, Huaxi and Tonghua night markets with foods ranging from Hot Star large fried chicken, oyster omelettes to duck tongue and snake skin salad.

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I often had no idea what kind of foods I was looking at, luckily I was with a bunch of friends from the USA & Canada to accompany me on this street food adventure. Since there are so many street food snacks available at these night markets you definitely want to starve yourself until you get here.

The food featured in the video; Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, Black Pepper Pork Bun, Oyster Omelette, Stinky Tofu, Duck Tongue, Douhua Dessert, Pig Blood Cake, Sugar Apple, Pork Belly Bao and Snake Skin Salad.

Duck review video

Snake review video

Night markets also offer a ton of fun street games from shooting BB guns to shrimp fishing. Make sure to visit a night market with a lot of friends for a hilarious evening.

My friends from the USA & Canada had a blast, we even tried the bizarre pig blood cake at the Tonghua night market costing only 30 NT or $1.00 USD. Pig blood cake rolled into peanuts and cilantro, a very odd flavour, definitely an acquired taste.

The Taiwanese street foods are so incredible cheap you just take a bit of everything you encounter and save the rest to snack on at your hotel or hostel.

My favorite Taiwanese street food item was the stinky tofy, althought the black pepper pork bun and pork belly bao came very close.

It is often difficult to locate these street foods in a country where no English street signs or shop signs are present. That’s why I included a detailed map with the exact locations to find these street foods to make your life a bit easier.

Asia’s best street food, Taipei is the food capital of Asia

Open daily from late afternoon until midnight

Take the MRT to the Shilin, Huaxi and Tonghua night markets

Save your appetite during the day to munch out hard at night!