The world of Pixar is an amazing place and these are by far the best Pixar shorts you need to see. We all know the work of Pixar from their adorable short films before our favorite animated movies, but we challenge you to watch Pixar shorts with a new perspective. Which Pixar shorts are the best? Watch for yourself and see! Here are the 25 best Pixar shorts you need to see.

Pixar revolutionized the use of computer graphic imaging in cartoons and you won’t find more clever short films then those that have come out from Pixar in the last 30 years. From the cute and cuddly to the downright strange, Pixar characters have personalities that make you want to watch short films all day. After seeing this list you’ll have to agree with us that these are the best Pixar shorts out there. Check out the best Pixar shorts (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to leave us a comment below telling us whether you think that we got it right:


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Only Pixar could bring us a peek at the magic behind being a magician’s rabbit or bring to life a lost and found box to do good. Who can forget Burn-E, the noteable little robot that makes a big difference by doing his job. Pixar also gives us a taste of the simple, with the Blue Umbrella and Geri’s game which win us over with their simple charm. Not to give any spoilers, but your new favorite will probably be Jack-Jack attack, where you get to see behind the scene of the Incredibles with Partysaurus Rex (staring T-Rex from Toy Story) as a close second. We hope you love these 25 best Pixar shorts you need to see!

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