1.      Baby Disposal Baths

Sewers under a Roman bathhouse contain children’s bones.

2.     The Venetian Vampire

Outside Venice, stones were placed in the mouths of vampires.

3.     Aztecs Sacrifices

Mutilated bodies were found outside modern-day Mexico City in 2004.

4.     Terra Cotta Army

This is how Emperors are protected in the afterlife. A terracotta army was buried with the first emperor of China.

5.     Screaming Mummies

The screaming mummies was a result of ancient Egyptians not strapping the chin to head during the mummification process.

6.     First Leper

Leprosy victims buried outside city limits.

7.     Ancient Chemical Warfare

Roman soldiers were attacked with burning sulfur and bitumen.

8.    Rosetta Stone

It helps understand Egyptian hieroglyphs.

9.     Diquis Spheres

It is assumed they were made a few millenniums before.

10. Grauballe Man

This mummy is incredibly well preserved that hair and nails have remained intact.

11.   Desert Kites

They were used by hunters for slaughter.

12. Ancient Troy

These remains are associated with the battle of Troy.

13. Acambaro Figures

They look like both dinosaurs and humans. This was a ground shaking ‘discovery’ until they were proven to be fakes.

14. Antikythera Mechanism

It is 2000 years old compass and measures accurately.

15. Rapa Nui

It is also known as Easter Island.

16. The Tomb of Sunken Skulls

In Sweden, the skulls had stakes in their skull.

17. Piri Reis Map

A map with an accurate display of world coastlines.

18. Nazca Lines

Found in early 1900’s they are attributed to Nazca being good surveyors.

19. Dead Sea Scrolls

Early copies of biblical documents.

20. Mount Owen Moa

The claw was a prehistoric bird.

21. Voynich Manuscript

The above manuscripts are the early 15th century in Italy and are considered mysterious.

22. Gobekli Tepe

These seemingly simple rocks are 9000 years old and were discovered in 1994 as an old settlement.

23. Sacsayhuaman

The rock slabs are close in Peru that was formerly a capital of the Inca Empire.

24. Baghdad Battery

Jars had been found next to Baghdad, Iraq and a curator made an assumption was made that they were galvanic cells and batteries.

25. Headless Vikings of Dorset

Bodies of beheaded Vikings were found by Dorset workers. The circumstances are yet to be identified.

These are 25 of the most interesting archeological discoveries, thanks to government grants and support from well-wishers archeologists were able to study, dig up, and or make these discoveries. Archeology is integral to understanding human history and the world, therefore, the continued support to unearth the secrets of the past.

So, it is not only the Mercedes Benz Museum which has interesting displays, make a visit to a museum of natural history or one of the sites and you will be awed by these discoveries.