Are you familiar with the most bizarre religions out there? Though most religions focus on helping you become a better person through high morality, the way they accomplish this may seem bizarre to you and I. Check out the 25 most bizarre religions that actually exist.

Most religions will tell you to be a good person: don’t lie, steal, kill, etc. Also, most religions worship a deity or several deities. But being a good person and worshiping deities may be quite different and bizarre depending on the religion. Take a look at these strange religions (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever heard of any or if you think they’re truly bizarre:


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There are many religions with bizarre practices out there. Take the Nuwaubian Nation for example. This religion was based on a weird mixture of black supremacist’s ideas, worship of the Egyptians and their pyramids, and beliefs in UFO’s. There’s also the Temple of the True Inner Light. This religion believes that psychoactive substances such as cannabis, LSD, and mushrooms are the true flesh of God. Not all religions have such a drastic mixture of beliefs. Take Jediism for example. This religion is based on the principles laid out by the Jedi order (seriously). Check out the rest of these 25 most bizarre religions that actually exist.

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