You won’t believe these most disturbing ER stories! In this list, nurses and doctors share their emergency room horror stories. These stories from the emergency department are scary, gross, and downright unbelievable! These disturbing ER stories will have you thanking your doctor and nurses. Ready to be surprised? Watch these 25 most disturbing ER stories!

The ER is a place that no one ever wants to be, but for the brave nurses and doctors who work there, everyday brings new surprises. These ER stories will shock you and make you wonder what is wrong with people. From an unexpected surgery to some extreme hallucinations, these ER stories will give you a little bit of everything. Can’t wait to watch these disturbing ER stories? Then dive right in! Check out these disturbing ER stories and leave us a comment letting us know what is the strangest reason you’ve ever been to the ER.

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The ER is a crazy place, filled with amazing stories. In this list, you’ll hear about a woman ripping out her own eye and another woman with a fish hook through her eyelid. You’ll hear the amazing story of rescuing a 500 pound man and the horrible medical issues they found. Of course, no ER list is complete without a story of a hidden worm and an army of cockroaches. Feeling grossed out? This list is also full of some of the worst injuries you can imagine – including one man who walked into the ER with his own arm torn off! From patients who chew their own lips off to strange objects getting into places they should not be, this list has it all. Curious to hear more crazy ER stories? Watch this video to the end and find out which disturbing ER story ranks number one!

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