Watch and see these most INSANE restaurants in the world! These one of a kind restaurants will blow you away with their unbelievable food in crazy locations. From pop up restaurants that are never in the same place twice to restaurants that recreate historical meals these are the best restaurants you’ll be willing to travel for. From Pittsburgh to North Korea, from the bottom of the ocean to the top of a volcano, you won’t forget these 25 Most Insane Restaurants in the World.

While you may have heard of the underwater restaurant or the toilet restaurant before, but you’ve never seen these amazing restaurants all in one place before. Get ready to make yourself a travel list because you will have to criss cross the world to enjoy these food porn meals in the best places you can imagine. Think you’re ready for these meals to die for in the best restaurants? What if I told you one of these meals was human body or that you’d be eating out of a toilet? Make sure to watch this video to the end to see every fantastic restaurant. Be sure to leave us a comment letting us know which of these Insane restaurants surprised you the most!

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Get ready to enjoy the ogori cafe and taste something you never thought to order. Or try out the condom restaurant and get more than a mint on your way out the door. For a taste of the morbid try a titanic dinner with a guaranteed chance of survival or pick up a plate at Conflict Kitchen where you can taste the cuisine of nations the US is at odds with. Want even more? How about dinner in a graveyard? Want to try a taste of something that could take your life? Check out the Heart Attack Grill, where they intentionally serve food so bad it could put you in the hospital or lean over the Islote de Hilario volcano restaurant where they cook your food over deep lava wells. Want something a little tamer? Try the Kayabukiya Tavern and be served by two Japanese Macaques or visit Kinderkookkafe and be served by a well organized group of kids. Getting hungry? Make sure to watch to the end of the video to see which amazing restaurants made our top 10!

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