Did you know that ENTIRE ARMS are one of the strangest things growing in a lab? You will be amazed at what scientists have growing in a lab, including things that look straight out of science fiction! Pretty soon, some of these strange things growing in a lab will be a normal part of your home and maybe in your grocery store! You have to see these 25 strangest things growing in a lab!

Some of these strange things growing in a lab are downright delicious others seem to be the first step to Frankenstein’s monster. You won’t believe these crazy lab grown organs and lab grown medical miracles that will take your breath away. The future of the world and our health could depend on the success of these strangest things growing in a lab right now! Watch these list now to see which crazy things growing a lab will be the next to come home to you. Check our these strangest things grown in a lab and be sure to leave a comment below with what amazing thing you would like to see grown in a lab!

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Science keeps advancing faster and faster! From growing organs for transplant to making actual skin for burn victims, it seems that almost anything can be grown in a lab! While some things are only in the beginning stages (like lab grown beef) others are making a big difference right now (like coral reefs grown in labs)! Scientists have successfully grown pig bones and even have a human/pig embryo growing in a lab. Need a new ear or arm? Scientists have grown arms, ears, and even breasts in a lab for use in medical research. While not as human but just as cool, scientists have recently grown a bacteria that can eat plastic in a lab and a clothing company in the UK has grown clothing in a lab! Can’t wait to see what other strange things are growing in a lab? Check out these 25 strangest things growing in a lab (and stay tuned for number 1)!

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