Here are 28 things you didn’t know about Australia like its wildlife, beer riots in history, and even making Jedi an official religion!

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18.Dingos Did it
You know it’s a bizarre place if you have a dog’s called dingos running around. I can assure you they are not man’s best friend. Seriously, though, it’s a wild dog. They were most likely brought kind of domesticated from south-east Asia, and then were like, wow tonnes of space out here. Peace out humans!

17.Dingo Fence
This 5’500 fence was built to keep the Dingoes out from the sheep. Guess that didn’t work so well. Anyways, it’s the longest fence on earth. Take that great wall of China. Great Dingo barbwire has got you! Or it is close. I guess it’s a wall, not a fence. Let’s not split hairs over technicalities internet.

16.Lost a Prime Minister
He most likely got eaten by a shark …..or something out there. America has never lost a president. Ironically they named a swimming pool after him. Just remember in Australia even the Prime Minister isn’t the highest thing on the food chain.

15.Hungry Jacks
Someone copyrighted BK in Australia before they could get there. So now every bk in this land is a Hungry Jack’s. That had to piss off them and Jack in the box as well

14.Volcanoes Galore
In 2015, scientists found the longest chain of continental volcanoes on Earth, stretching 2000 km through eastern Australia. Extinct for millions of years, the volcanoes had long been known to science: the discovery that they were all formed by passing over the same volcanic chain was new.

13.Strict import laws
You would be worried too if you imported twenty-four rabbits in 1859 and by the 1930’s the population jumped up to 10 billion.
Johnny Depp Learned the hard way
Here is a picture of him and his x wife apologising to Australia because they couldn’t leave the dogs at home. Who let the dog’s out here can have serious ramifications.

12.Underground fire
The Burning Mountain Nature Reserve The depth of the fire is about a 100 feet. It has been burning for around 6,000 years. We didn’t start the fire, but it keeps on burning and burning.

11.There is a spot on the Hwy
In Australia where it is closer to space than it is to the next town. Talk about a rural drive.

10. A weird time zone
This time, zone has less than 200 residents and is only a 45-minute difference.

9.Highway 1
Highway 1 is the longest highway in the entire world. It connects all the major cities of Australia together. Millions of people travel this highway every day. If you drove it 10 hours a day, it would take you two weeks to drive the whole thing.

8.Watch out for the roo’s
Be careful while you are driving, though. You will need to be on the lookout for this Marsupial! They are all over this wild land. I hear the meat is nice and lean, and a healthy alternative to beef. Look out though these guys pack a mean punch.
Hey, what are you looking at mate?

7.Beach Towns
More than 80 percent of Australians live within 100 kilometres of the coast making Australia one of the world’s most urbanised coastal dwelling populations. The report, Population Growth and Distribution, Australia, showed that 83 per cent of Australians lived within 50 km of the coastline while 86 per cent of people lived in urban areas.

Rum was the main currency in colonial Australia. When Gov. William Bligh tried to end the army officers’ monopoly in 1808, his government was overthrown in the only coup in Australian history.

5.So many beaches
Wow, this place has over 10,600 beaches. You could spend the better part of 30 years sitting on a new beach every day. Sign me up! Except for all the stuff that stings or kills you, this sounds like a nice goal to shoot for.

4.Beer Riot
In 1979 the police battled 4,000 rioters in Newcastle because they shut down everyone’s favourite watering hole.

3.Prime Minister
This one didn’t get lost, but he did hold the world record for fastest beer drank He thinks that it contributed to him winning the seat. Australians are serious about having a pint.

2.The force is strong In Australia
70,000 people have declared their religion as Jedi in an Australian census. Apparently, it was a prank pulled off by e mail to get Jedi recognised as a religion in Australia. IM guessing Natural selection wasn’t an option. It should have been.

This sometimes in the water animal, is also known as a duck billed Platypus. This is an egg laying mammal. Wrap your head around that for a second. Seriously though this is one of the most bizarre things found in the world let alone Australia. It is one of the only mammals that is venomous, as the male has a spur on his foot that can ruin your day. It must be pretty cool being the only living representative of you genius.