Check out these amazing discoveries that turned out the be a fraud! This top 10 list of mysterious archaeological conspiracies that weren’t actually real and the basis of many conspiracy theories around the world is crazy!

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10. Fake Fossils
Pranks can range from the funny to the cruel. Especially pranks set by the jealous. Physician and amateur scientists Johann Beringer learned this lesson the hard way. In 1725, he began unearthing stones in Wurzburg, Germany that he called fossils. These stones portrayed amazing scenes: a dove, bees, snails, lizards, plants with flowers, frogs mating, and insects feeding.

9. Bolivian Cat-Dog
A cryptid is an animal that has been seen but not proven to be real by science. Cryptids are sometimes dismissed as a real creature or object mistaken for something else, like manatees mistaken for mermaids or pieces of bobbing driftwood mistaken for lake monsters.

8. The Great Tasaday Hoax
In 1971, a startling discovery was supposedly made in the rain forests of the Philippines: a primitive, cave-dwelling society. Called the Tasadays, they were described as a Stone Age society that had been left undisturbed for centuries. Academics were delighted to finally be able to observe these people up close.

7. Cartier’s Fake Jewels
In the 16th century, the French King Francis I asked explorer Jacques Cartier to find a way through Canada to Asia, as well as discover gold and other riches. Cartier took 3 expeditions down the St. Lawrence River and he is also credited for naming the new land.

6. Bre-X
In 1993, a Canadian mining company called Bre-X bought the rights to mine some land in the jungles of Borneo. The land was at the head of the Busang River and the company purchased the rights at the advice of John Felderhof, geologist and explorer. Felderhof had already made a name for himself by discovering gold and copper in Papua New Guinea.

5. Nailed on a Tree
Mid-19th century Britain had a tree problem. The industrial revolution introduced so much pollution into the air that it darkened neighboring trees and killed the lichen growing there. Scientists also noted the ratio between light-colored peppered moths and darker moths had begun to decline.

4. Fake Statistics
Known as the Kinsey Reports, Alfred Kinsey’s landmark studies of the 1950s earned him the name “father of the sexual revolution”. According to his studies, incidences of homosexuality, bisexuality, adultery, and childhood sexual behavior were higher than previously thought. This transformed the views of adult and childhood sexual behavior held at the time.

3. Demon Tree of Madagascar
The first mention of a large, carnivorous tree in Madagascar was in 1874, when the New York World published an article about a man-eating tree that actually ate a woman. Fourteen years later, the account was revealed to be a work of fiction. But the idea of the tree caught fire and several explorers went searching for it in the early 20th century, such as former Michigan governor Charles Salmon Osborn and anthropologist Ralph Linton.

2. Crocker Land
In the search for the North Pole, there have been countless expeditions and several big mistakes. A lot of times people just let their pride get in the way! Robert Peary tried to reach the North Pole but failed. Several months later, in 1906, he claimed to find a large landmass near Ellesmere Island. Peary named it “Crocker Land” after George Crocker, the man funding Peary’s travels.

1. The Cold Fusion Incident
Some herald fusion power as the solution to our future power needs because it can potentially provide an unlimited supply of energy with minimal impact to the environment! Sounds perfect, right?? However, the problem standing between scientists and this kinds of energy is that the energy required to fuse nuclei is enormous. For many companies, its almost not even worth trying.

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