NOT Negroid!! Or African!
Egyptian Mummies, DNA and their neighbours Prove Their Ancestry…
Fantasy! Maybe Truth!
Read it in the news!
SCIENTISTs Final Answers critics!
The proof Shocks us but excites others,
Ask anybody or go on google try to find the Racial identity of ancient Egyptians. Their answer is telling. Over 90% will Know. But their answer drilled into them from year zero to PHD and confirmed by holly wood and cartoons and movies confirm that Egyptians were whitey!
BUT The Mummies SPEAK another Language. Their DNA proof contradicts each other!
The blond hair is Of 90 Years.
No 90 Year old person can carry black or blond hair.
Scientists, EGYPTOLOGIST do lie.
They are totally biased . The Mummies, they show lie, Their DNA is a Lie, Every proof that goes against original Artefacts and pictographs is a is a total lie.
In a UNESCO Symposium Dr Cheikh Anta Diop and Dr Theophile Obenga destroyed all EGYPTOLOGICL fantasies.
If you understand this it means it is your time to activate this understanding. We show how to do so in this post.
Activate This KNOWLEDGE..

Thank You.
Here is what you can do .