Beggar’s chicken, that’s what it is famous as. Whole chicken filled and marinated with herbs and spies is then wrapped in banana leaf. Then the banana leaf wrapped chicken is packed in clay to bake over fire. So you call it as banana leaf wrapped chicken, clay packed chicken or clay wrapped chicken, it is the same herbal chicken in Kasargod.
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We enjoyed it in Kasargod while we were on a two days trip to the northern most district of Kerala. The restaurant which is known as ‘Herbal Chicken’ was famous among my friends from Kasargod. They inspired me to try the baked whole chicken. They call it as herbal chicken, but it is actually a variety of Beggar’s chicken.
Some call it as banana leaf wrapped chicken while some others call it as clay wrapped chicken or clay packed chicken. What so ever the name is, it was yummy and we enjoyed it with Kudukka biriyani.
Now what’s kudukka biriyani? It is a unique variety of biriyani that comes in small clay pots. Actually the biriyani itself is prepared in clay pots. So, our experience of herbal chicken and kudukka biriyani was awesome.
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