Animal Worship?

In the world there are many strange animal adorations. Many animals are cute, and other animals are very dangerous.

And in some cultures around the world, animals are seen as deities and are worshiped! Let’s look at some of the animals that the world believes is worth worshiping.
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Petsuchos, the Crocodile.
In ancient Egypt, Sobek was a God who lived in the river Nile.

The animals mentioned in the Chinese Zodiacs are special. And considering that the tigers are not just a part of that but associated with royalty and fearlessness throughout Asia, they are more than special.

If you are stepping into the temple of Karni Mata in India, be very wary.

Penang Snake Temple.
The Buddhist priest Chor Soo Kong was a very holy priest, who even offered shelter to the most venomous snakes!

Juno’s geese.
Geese are not the most friendly of animals. They are known to attack and sound alarms to those who approach it with their spread wings and honks.

Apparently, the animal which gives us the oh so tasty bacon is considered sacred by many cultures. Be it the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese or the Celts, pigs are often worshipped by humans.

Elephants are also one of majorly royal animals.

Bull of Apis.
In Egyptian mythology, there are many Gods which have animal body parts. But there is one which is entirely bull. It was the God Apis, who represented eternity and stability, pretty much the whole concept behind the Egyptian civilization.

Khokana Goats.
In this small Nepalese town, if you had to choose an animal to be reincarnated as, goats would probably be the first choice!

Monkeys are also a part of the Chinese Zodiac animals and as such are treated with a lot of respect! But that is not the only place where monkeys are worshipped. In India, one of the major Gods, Hanuman

Turns out, India is pretty much the place you should visit if you want to see different animals being worshipped.

In Eastern Russia there reside a group of people known as the Nivkh. They practice shamanism and consider the bear to be a very sacred animal

Hoan Kiem Lake Turtle.
According to the legends in Vietnam, once their emperor was crossing the Hoan Kiem lake when his sword was snatched by a giant turtle and taken underwater.

Wolves are especially sacred to the people of Rome. According to their legends, the Goddess Luperca, who was a she wolf, raised and nurtured Romulus and Remus, the brothers who founded Rome.

Horses have been very important to humans for the longest of times.

Now this is an animal that is perhaps the most worshipped animal in the world.