BIZARRE Government Agencies. Among the countries with the strangest government agencies in the world are the USA, France and China

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Aliens have often interested us. Any mention of a visit from the outer space is enough to get our brains whirring with excitement.

Beijing Weather Modification Centre.
When it comes to weather, most of us are happy with the fact that the Gods control it. But apparently no one told the Chinese this, and they came up with a weather modification centre.

Shanghai Commission for the management of language Use.
Chinese is a pretty tough language. Any of us who have ever encountered it know that it is pretty complex and we end up using translating tools to help us understand it.

Ministry of Unification.
The partition of Korea into North and South has created bitter enemies of the 2.

The US Postal Inspection Service.
Getting mails, and not the electronic ones, used to be a pretty big deal. Which obviously made the postal service a very reputed and reliable name.

Office of Planetary Protection.
Is there life out there in the Universe? There has been no solid evidence so far, but that has not stopped NASA from preparing from it.

Board of Tea Experts.
Tea is apparently a much bigger thing in the USA than we thought possible! Why? Because in 1897, they passed a tea importation act under which it was stipulated that all tea imported into the USA would have to be tasted to ensure that it met the standards.

Office of Yeoman Wanders.
When the tower of London was built in the 11th century, it was basically a prison. Since then, it has become a major tourist attraction and the Yeoman warders are the ones who have traditionally served as its guards.

The US Board on Geographic names.
Names usually hold a lot of power. Which is why locals probably get offended when you get the name of their town wrong!

Office of the Swan marker and Office of the Swan Warden.
Now there are already agencies and NGOs who work towards the welfare of animals. So why does the swan need a special office?

Committee for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice.
Well, if all you had to do was think of this committee’s name before committing any crime, you would probably lose heart in all the time spent!

Mutilated Currency Division.
So what do you do when that beautiful crisp note gets damaged? Simple. Send it to the mutilated currency division of the US to get a refund!

The Office of Professional Responsibility.
While we all know that there are ethics whenever we take up a job, lawyers are generally the ones who need it the most.

Bureau of Outdoor Recreation.
With the advent of mobile phones, play stations and other indoor pleasures, many people are ignoring the outdoors!

The Backward classes bureau.
Well, considering that over half the population of India falls under that category, it is really not that surprising.

The US grazing service.
Cattle graze and there is not much anyone can do about it. But in the 1930s, it got so out of hand that two thirds of the publicly owned grazing lands saw a drop in productivity.

Agencias gubernamentales bizarras. Entre los países con las agencias gubernamentales más extrañas del mundo se encuentran Estados Unidos, Francia y China.