Bizarre Tourist Attractions In South East Asia

7. Wat Pa Maha Chedio Kaew, Thailand.
There are over 40,000 Buddhist temples in Thailand, so it can be hard to maintain your enthusiasm if you’ve already visited a few of them. The thing that makes Wat Pa Maha Chedio Kaew so unique, is that this temple is made from 1.5 million recycled bottles – mostly used beer bottles! The construction began in 1984, and it continues to grow. This has to be the greenest place of worship on the planet, and it’s also surprisingly beautiful. You can find Wat Pa Maha Chedio Kaew in Sisaket Province.

6. Buddha Park, Laos.
Buddha Park (Wat Xieng Khuan) is kind of like a spiritual theme park. There is over 200 hundred sculptures to admire and some of them are huge. The thing that makes the park so interesting is that it is full of statues of Hindu gods as well as depictions of the Buddha. It can actually be an eerie place in the early mornings and evenings because some of the sculptures are so bizarre.

5. Bamboo Train, Cambodia.
The transportation system in Cambodia is mind-boggling on the best of days, but the bamboo train in Battambang takes things to a whole new level. You basically sit on bamboo slats that move along the track at a cruising-speed of about 15 kilometres per hour (about 9mph). If you have ever wanted to run faster than a train, you’ll have no problem doing this – just hop off, and a light jog should put you ahead of the other passengers.

4. Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam.
The Cu Chi Tunnels are located in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City. This is a popular tourist attraction, but it’s also one of the most bizarre things you are going to see in Vietnam. This is part of a network of tunnels that once stretched for 120 miles.

3. Bang Kwang Prison, Thailand.
One of the worst possible endings to a holiday in Thailand would be to get arrested and sent to Bang Kwang Prison (aka The Bangkok Hilton). This is where some of the toughest criminals in the country are sent (many of them have been sentenced to death), and it is always where many of the foreign male criminals are kept. The conditions are harsh, and you need to wear leg irons for the first three months of your incarceration.

2. Plain Of Jars, Laos.
The Plain of Jars might sound like some type of boring pottery festival, but it is actually one of the most mysterious tourist attractions in South East Asia (it’s sort of like the Stonehenge of Laos). Nobody is quite sure why these strange objects were left here, but the most plausible theory is that they were associated with ancient burial rituals (they are believed to have been made during the Iron Age). You can find the Plain of Jars in Xieng Khouang – not far from Phonsavan.

1. Naga Fire Balls, Thailand.
If you are science-minded, it is going to be tempting to just dismiss the Naga Fire Balls as a hoax. You are going to find this skepticism harder to maintain after you have actually seen this phenomenon. There are plenty of theories and scientists have studied it, but there is so far no compelling explanation – the locals believe it is caused by a mythical snake.

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