Day 52 – Reykjavík, Iceland

THE LAST DAY OF MY BACKPACKING TRIP!!! I can’t believe we’ve finally reached the end of my 52 day backpacking trip and the end of these vlogs (though don’t worry, I will be doing more travel vlogs, even have a few already that just need to be edited!). On my last day, I spent 19 hours in Iceland! Plane got in at 10 pm, then left at 6 pm the next day. Tried my best to stay up the whole night, but just couldn’t, so ended up sleeping for a bit in some interesting places haha. Got a lot done though for only 19 hours there. Went to the famous Blue Lagoon, to a penis museum filled with whale and other creatures penis (was quite disturbing tbh lol), the top of a unique looking church, and walked all around Reykjavík when it was deserted at 2 am! Quite a way to end my trip! Hope you guys enjoyed all the vlogs, and as I said in my video, thank you for watching, because knowing people would be watching these eventually, kept me company on this solo trip 🙂

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