Originally Published: Dec 30, 2013
Original Info: In this one we have Ashley, Cassie, Carlos, T.J., and of course Justin. I found a cool tune to go along with it so I hope you enjoy it.
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Ruminations: What baffles me is that it took me a month to deliver Part 2. Yeah that’s how lazy I can be. This was when I was a Freshman in High School. I originally tried to give it a cool title like “Cast Of Power Rangers Turbo 2.0” which doesn’t sound good which is why I changed it. A big mistake I made was claiming that both actresses who played Divatox also played Demetria which is totally false. Hilary Shepard Turner came back from Maternity Leave and resumed her role of Divatox from the movie and that was it. For some reason I credited Zordon even though he only had a few cameos because he was living on Eltar. Last but not least I credited the Phantom Ranger as the “Black Phantom Rangers”. I assume I thought he was a regular member of team. That’s about it!

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