Is drinking snake venom deadly? Let’s find out at the snake restaurant at the Huaxi night market in Taipei, Taiwan. Huaxi is loaded with the craziest street food you will ever encounter. I came here specifically to try snake venom, snake blood and snake skin salad at the famous snake alley where you can even find turtle soup. PLEASE SHARE!

Ordering snake is considered quite normal here in Taiwan like ordering a lobster in the west, snake venom shots are suppose to provide many health benefits, so what exactly are these shots exactly?

– snake bile
– snake wine
– snake venom
– a chinese medicin
– ginsing
– snake capsules
– snake blood

I was quite confused about the special drinking process so I got some assistance, snake venom tasted like a shot of Greek ouzo.

Now you may wonder, how can you drink snake poison and not die? Well, this snake venom is non lethal, drinking snake wine is essentially harmless since snake venom is made up of proteins, these proteins are unfolded and made inactive by the alcohol.

There have been reports of people experiencing a temporary low level of paralysis but it made me slightly dizzy like I was briefly on heavy chemicals but that could also have been the adrenaline boost.

Cobras soaked in rice wine are often used as a Chinese medicine or to kick off a particularly bizarre weekend.

I highly recommend you visit the Huaxi night market for this unique snake restaurant. You may be pleasantly surprised with the other food options.