Drone Reveals Bizarre 4,000 Year Old ‘Mole Town’ Where People Live Entirely Underground.

With a few notable exceptions (looking at you, scientists on Antarctica), humans civilizations tend to center on easy-to-reach areas. Most of the greatest cities in history sprouted up along major waterways for a reason, after all. This is part of what makes one secretive, 4,000-year-old Chinese town so fascinating.
Tucked outside of Sanmenxia City in China’s Henan Province, the town has been revealed to the public thanks to recent drone footage, which offered a first-time glimpse at the mysterious and remote village.
The drone footage of the mysterious 4,000-year-old town offers incredible views of more than 10,000 bizarre “pit yards” that thousands of people continue to call home to this very day. There’s also a fitting nickname for the place…

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