The TOP 10 dishes in Madrid! Tortilla española, calamari sandwich, hot chocolate, tapas, jamón, vermouth, secret nun’s cookies and more! This is the delicious Madrid food tour I give to my friends when they visit! Beware – it’s EPIC!

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Want to find those secret nun cookies? Head to Calle Codo (near Plaza de la Villa) and where you see the door with the sign “Venta de Dulces”, ring the top bell. Hours are Mon-Fri 0930-1300 then 16.30 – 18.30.


Madrid has amazing food.. there I said it! Often when people think of Madrid they think of museums and art and maybe a trip to Toledo. But trust me, this city has an incredible food scene that is less touristy and more underground compared to some other cities in Spain. So, I wanted to make this Madrid food guide so that you can enjoy it like a true local!

Today I take you to 10 of my favourite places to eat 10 incredible bites. We start with the best chocolate in the city (melted from actual chocolate) at an over 100-year-old pastry shop. Then we head to a local and hidden family-run joint for the city’s top Spanish omelette (tortilla española) and a beer (caña).

Next up! Vermouth time. We nip across to the San Miguel market for a sweet red vermouth on tap just like the locals do (along with marcona almonds, campo real olives and a local skewer). Then we head to a SECRET STOP. Cloistered nuns who bake cookies in – the cookies are delicious and moreish and the experience is truly one-of-a-kind. As a friend used to say, like doing a drug deal!

OK… getting full. Next stop – jamón… ham! And the good stuff – acorn-fed jamón ibérico in a family-run ham shop. Around the corner we head to an over 100-year-old tapas bar for one of the most delicious tapas in the city – bull tail stew parcel, paired with a Rioja wine.

Next it’s Madrid’s most famous bite – the calamari sandwich. There are so many places that do this, but we head for the best one! And for more seafood, we swing around into the La Latina neighbourhood for the best bacalao in the city, served with a white wine in a place that is a true Madrid rough-and-tumble tapas bar.

And then – tapas. We swing into Casa Toni, a fantastic tapas bar that does brilliant sweetbreads – mollejas – a delicacy in many restaurants around the world, and here deliciously cooked with skill on the griddle.

And finally, dessert … we head to the most famous pastry shop in the city for the napolitana de crema. The perfect sweet end to a fabulous Madrid food tour. Siesta time!


Spain is my passion! It’s food, its culture, its history and its people. And I get a massive kick out of sharing everything I’ve learned with visitors to this country. My mission? To help you have a true, rich and delicious experience in Spain!

I’m from New Zealand and have been living in Madrid since 2011 (which my Spanish wife, Yolanda). I’m a co-founder of Devour Tours, where we offer award-winning food & culture tours in Spain’s most delicious destinations. I’ve also written for The Guardian, Sunday Times, El País and others about Spain as a culinary destination. And finally, I make these videos – because it causes me a lot of pain to think that people are in Spain and having a less-than-authentic experience!

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