Malabar Resort or Malabar Ocean Front Resort and Spa is one of the most amazing resorts in Kerala. Located close to Kasargod, in Nileshwar, Malabar Resort is well built on the shores of the beautiful Arabian Sea.
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If I say that the northern Kerala is still unexplored, it is not an exaggeration. While the northern Kerala is still under explored, it has all the beauty of Kerala and even some of the hidden treasures. In this video we are exploring one of the best resorts in Kerala with a beautiful beach front and wonderfully natural. If you are looking for a resort with swimming pool, or a resort on the beaches in Kerala, or a resort with serenity, Malabar Resort of Nileshwar in Kasargod is your bet.
Location: Nileshwar, Kasargod
Nearest Airport: Mangalore
If you are there, please do not forget to ask for a Beach Front Room – I feel it is the best take.
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