Kerala is a land with a number of monuments and historical building to double its beauty and importance as a state. Kerala’s varied monuments represent its art and architecture, powers and prosperity of an ancient period and cultural heritage through its amazing sight. In ancient times Kerala ruled under many Dravidian dynasties and some foreign colonial powers. Their rule and stay left a distinct impact on the art and architecture of this place. These historical places and monuments will give tourists a deep insight to an entirely different Kerala that is more than just a religious place or place of natural beauty. All of these monuments have their own charm and beauty that cannot be compared to any of its kind. They are an important part of the culture and heritage of Kerala. Forts and monuments of a place stands as the epitome of strength. An opportunity to visit these forts will be a great experience for you which is not a difficult these days.So if you want to discover the colorful cultural and architectural splendor of Kerala, visit these historical interest with some famous Kerala tour packages provided by Gogeo Holidays.To know more visit: