Whilst many still survive into the 21st century, there is real physical evidence for a number of lost pyramids of Egypt and for those that haven’t left an obvious imprint in the sand, there are numerous historic accounts. Danish Navel captain Frederic Norden attested to a 4th pyramid on the Giza plateau whilst Herodotus documented two others, both of which, according to him, were comparable in size to the Great Pyramid.

These pyramids, he records, were situated in the centre of the ancient Lake Moeris, which was fed by the River Nile by an ancient canal, widened and deepened by Amenemhat III in the 1800s BC.

But who built the pyramids – was it a pre-dynastic king named Moeris, was it the first pharoah of Egypt, Menes, or was it the 12th dynasty pharoah, Amenemhat III?

And where are they today? Watch the video to find out.

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