Grilled Octopus in French Style was a variety that we tried in Novotel Kochi to feel that #KurachuKurachuFrench. But, do you keep octopus among the bizarre food? If you would, there’s nothing odd about it. Many people around the world see it the same way.

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My first experience with an octopus dish was in Maldives. What I tried then was the tentacles of a big octopus, and it was too chewy and it even broke one of my teeth. Here in Kochi, the chef served me baby octopuses grilled and garnished with baked vegetables on polenta cake. That was just awesome, but too expensive. If it is served to people in the cafe, they would charge somewhere around Rs. 1800.00 + tax.
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If you feel this is expensive, please do write your opinion in the comments below. Alternatively, you can prepare a similar course all by yourself at home. However, I loved the flavour of grilled octopus.
This video is about our seafood eating experience.

Enjoy Octopus live cooking at Novotel Kochi – live grilled octopus. Watch our octpus eating…