History of the Black Panther Marvel Comic Song *Get the class activity with lyrics here!*

Lyrics by Rap Opera for Kids
Instrumental produced by Brandon Coffer

Lyrics –
(Chorus) 2x
Yeah, here, we gonna take you to Wakanda.
Yeah, there, we’re gonna meet the Black Panther.
Learn your history with the Rap Opera for Kids.
We’re on Beast Mode, putting comics in the mix.

(Verse 1)
Black Panther character created in 1966.
Marvel’s first black superhero in the mix,
T’Challa, king of Wakanda –
Marvel Universe’s wealthiest character –
inherits the title of “Black Panther”
from his father the previous king, T’Chaka.
1990, co-creator Kirby interviewed.
Talking on the comic, this is what he told the news.
“I came up with the ‘Black Panther’ because I realized
I had no Blacks in my strip. I had a lot of Black readers.
My first friend was Black, and here I was ignoring them
because I was associating with everybody else.”
The story begins in the nation of Wakanda,
praised as the only country in Africa
that was never colonized, though many tried.
They kept their supplies from the outside
countries that wanted to take their resources
or exploit them with political tricks.
Wakanda thrived becoming the most advanced nation on earth.
These people put in work.
Iphone’s all right if you don’t have Wakanda tech.
Show them that, they’re like, “Man, that’s whack!”
Vibranium metal helped them develop very fast.

(Verse 2)
Let’s address some controversy.
Some confusion with the Panther Party.
Some claim the comic represents the group –
the first to make school breakfast free for youth.
It was started to stop police brutality.
Later, they thought violence was necessary.
Some say the comic represents the same,
but that isn’t the case – just look at the dates.
Comic created July of 1966
Panther Party started October of 1966
Marvel tried to avoid the controversy.
They even renamed the comic back in the 1970’s
“Black Leopard” it became, but that didn’t remain.
Fan feedback, “Bring back the old name!”
The Panther Party got its logo in Alabama.
Huey was their leader, but he didn’t know T’Challa.

(Chorus) 2x

Yeah, here, we gonna analyze Wakanda.
Yeah, is there any truth behind the fictional country in Africa
that’s been compared to Ethiopia?

(Verse 3)
History shows Africa was all colonized – no nations missed –
even Ethiopia in 1936. Now, King T’Challa –
Marvel Universe’s wealthiest character.
Are there some facts to back his splendor?
Sultan of Mali, Mansa Musa,
would agree as the richest man of all time –
so rich that his wealth can’t be described.
And Vibranium bringing immense wealth –
based on fact or fiction as well?
Reports state South Africa has mined the most gold in the world.
Marvel made leaps but landed overall on facts.
Don’t believe me? Just hit the net and check!

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