Ladies & Gentlemen: I have found my new favorite city in Iran and one of the coolest places on Earth — ISFAHAN!

Our G Adventures tour continues in this UNESCO World Heritage city that has so much beauty, the locals turned in into a Persian phrase “Isfahān nesf-e- jahān” meaning “Isfahan is half the world.”

If you want to see how magical this city is, just head over to Naqsh-e Jahan Square (the 2nd largest city square in the world) right before sunset, have a picnic in the grass, and observe the beautiful 17th Century Mosques and Palaces overlooking thousands of people going about their daily business in Isfahan. Then, try to imagine all the trading and sporting events (i.e. polo) that unfolded here 400+ years ago!

Join me as I explore the ins and outs of Isfahan, and prove that it really does live up to its title of “half the world.”

If you are planning a trip to Iran and only have one place to visit — I would highly recommend Isfahan! Have you ever been here before? Can anybody back me up on this?

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