A Medieval History of Japan.

Episode 3: ZIPANGU – The Golden Age of Kamakura.

The third episode of this documentary series looks at the further development of the Kamakura Shogunate in the thirteenth century under the Hojo family. We look at new forms of government, law and order, military tactics and populist Buddhist religious sects, and golden statues and temples that together ushered in an age of glory in Japan, which became not only the envy of the emperors of Kyoto, but also the powerful and ambitious leaders of the Mongol Empire, now just across the straits from the land of the rising sun….


Saya Asakura – River Boat Song (Acapella).

Alphaville – Big in Japan (sample).

Angelika Dusk – Big in Japan (cover).

Eric Taylor – Traditional Japanese Theme (www.EricTaylorMusic.com).

Ross Bugden – Flight Hymn. (Youtube Free Music).

Ross Bugden – Olympus. (Youtube Free Music).