Check out the most incredible and powerful machines in the world! This top 10 list of amazing heavy machinery that actually exists will blow your mind!

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10. LZ 129 Hindenburg
The LZ 129 Hindenburg was the longest and largest airship ever made.
Built and designed in Germany by the Zeppelin Company, it could carry more than 72 passengers and a crew of 40 to 61 people. It dwarfed most modern commercial planes in comparison, with a length of 245 meters, and a width of 41.2 meters.

9: Stratolaunch
Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen unveiled a phenomenal aircraft in 2017 called the Stratolaunch, built by 300 engineers and fabricators from Scaled Composites.
It has the longest wingspan of an airplane ever at 385 ft (117 meters), making it longer than a National Football League field.

8: Bagger 288
The Bagger 288 is the world’s largest land vehicle. It stands at 94 meters (311 ft.) and weighs 45,500 tons!
To better grapple its size, consider that the Titanic was 46,328 tons, and 269 meters long. This mother of monsters is a mobile stripping machine, built by Krupp, a German conglomerate that’s one of the world’s largest steel producers, with over 670 subsidiaries worldwide.

7: Prelude FLNG
The Prelude FLNG is the largest sea vessel in the world. Is it an aircraft carrier? Nope! It’s used as a floating platform for holding liquefied natural gas!
The longest naval carrier was the USS Enterprise at 342 m (1,123 ft.). Well, the Prelude FLNG is 488 meters long (1,601 ft.) with a gas tonnage of 300,000.

6: Big Bertha
Big Bertha was the largest tunnel-boring machine ever, deployed to dig a 2-mile (3.2 km) deep-bore tunnel. Now, that’s a name you will remember!
Made by the Hitachi Zosen Sakai Works from Osaka, Japan, it had a 57-foot diameter and was 325 feet long.

LIGO (The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) is a large particle physics experiment with two gravitational observatories. One is located in Hanford, Washington, and the other is 3,000 km (1,800 miles) away in Livingston, Louisiana. The LIGO observatories detect cosmic gravitational waves, present as very tiny vibrations in the universe.

4. The ISS
The International Space Station is a habitable artificial satellite that orbits the earth. It’s bigger and heavier than all other satellites with a weight of 419 tons. It’s 20 meters in height with a width of 108 meters, and a length of 72 meters (239 ft.)
Construction of the ISS started in 1998, after the launch of its first component in orbit.

3: Gerald R Ford Class
The Gerald R Ford Class is the biggest naval carrier in the world, with a total displacement of 100,000 tons when loaded. Commissioned on July 22, 2017, the carrier was designed to operate with less crew and at lower costs. It bears the name of the 38th president of America and can transport more than 75 planes.

2. World’s Tallest Motorcycle
Here is a cool machine that someone built for fun, unlike other incredible machines on this list. Fabio Reggiani of Italy designed the tallest rideable motorcycle and built it with a crew of eight workers for a period of seven months.
When he first tested the prototype in 2012, it traveled for 91 meters.

1: The Large Hadron Collider
The Large Hadron Collider is not only the most powerful particle accelerator, it’s also the largest machine man has ever built with a circumference of 27 km (16.7 miles). Its sole purpose is to find the keys to the universe.

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