Check out these mysterious secret discoveries! From unexplained strange archaeological findings to hidden artifacts, this top 10 list of incredible discoveries still can’t be explained today!

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10. Roman Sword
Oak Island, in Nova Scotia, has long been suspected to be the hiding place for a number of treasures. The legend is so convincing that even a young Franklin Roosevelt was part of a quest to discover what was buried within the ground.

9. King Richard III
King Richard the third of England ruled between 1483 and 1485. Despite such a short time on the throne, he was responsible for a number of famous stories, such as the supposed murder of his nephews, the princes in the tower of London, and he was also the last English King to die in battle.

8. 18th Century Ship at the WTC
In 2010, with the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attack approaching, an astonishing discovery was found at the site of ground zero- in what was to become the parking garage of the new World Trade Center. Builders started digging up pieces of old timber, and archaeologists were called in to assess what it was.

7. 700-Year-Old Mummy
When workers in the Chinese city of Taizhou, in the Jiangsu province, were charting nearby land for the expansion of a road, the last thing they would have expected to find was a 700-year-old mummy.

6. Mayan Murals
You might usually associate the discovery of Mayan artefacts with the jungle regions of Latin America, but for one Guatemalan family their discovery was much closer to home- or, to be more precise, inside it.

5. A Medieval Hospital
Barely a shopping center or high street can exist these days without an Apple store nearby, and with such rapid expansion of their presence, a lot of building work is required. For one new store in Madrid, though, things didn’t go entirely as planned.

4. Banwell Caves
The Banwell Caves are a mysterious site in the south west of England. They are made up of 2 caves, the first of which was discovered in 1757. Known as the stalactite cave, it is full of the geological structures, and soon became a tourist attraction when it was opened in 1824.

3. Catherine de Medici’s Hairpin
Catherine de Medici was the queen consort of France between 1547 and 1559. She was known across Europe for her love of lavish jewellery, but most of her collection has disappeared in the past centuries through being sold, lost, or stolen.

2. Buddha Statue
At some point during the latter half of the 20th Century, a Dutch art collector bought a Buddha statue that caught his eye. It was only when he took it for restoration work in the 90’s that he would find out the dark history of this ancient artefact.

1. Picasso’s “Blue Period” Masterpiece
Canvasses are one of the greatest expenses for artists, especially since they can only be used once, and it’s a problem artist have been experiencing throughout history. To overcome this, it was quite usual for them to be re-used, with older paintings being covered up and then painted on again.

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