Check out the most mysterious unexplained airplane incidents! This top 10 list of unexplained flight crashes and plane disappearances around the bermude triangle is still unsolved to this day!

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10. Boeing 757-200 mid-air collision
The NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder was on a Boeing 757-200 when something strange happened. The plane was hit by a mysterious object, and the collision left a huge dent on the nose of the plane. Actually, it was more like a crater than a bump.
The team was going to Chicago, for a game with the Chicago Bulls the following day. But when they got out of the plane – they could see that the front of it was severely damaged. And although everyone on board landed safely, and there were no problems during flight, the question remains: what did the plane run into, 30,000 feet in the air? The picture of the bumped cockpit was soon spread all over the internet, as people were sharing this bizarre incident with their online friends.
Some people speculate that it must have been a bird the plane hit, although no one can give a definitive answer. Whatever it was that the plane hit, it remains a mystery and everyone is grateful that nothing more serious happened. Imagine losing an entire team because of a bird flying at 30,000 feet at night? If it really was a bird….

9. Air France Flight 447
This incident happened in 2009, when Air France Flight 447, all of a sudden took a nose dive and fell into the Atlantic Ocean. 228 people died instantly. What is bizarre about this is that the crashed plane was apparently one of the safest aircraft of all time. This is why it’s hard to accept the fact that it simply dropped from the sky, without any mayday signal or anything of the sort. When the plane went down, no one was even aware that it had happened. No one knew until hours after the incident, when there was no scheduled contact with air traffic control.
The investigation went very slowly because no black box was found, even after 30 days. But the French authorities didn’t give up, and the investigation continued. Two years later, in 2011, some debris was found, including black boxes, and also over 100 bodies of the victims. The conclusion of the investigation was as follows: this was a pilot error after the autopilot was disengaged. Nevertheless, the mystery remains; there were three experienced pilots on board, so how was it possible that all three of them lost control of the plane, in a more or less routine flight? For people who fly a lot, this disaster is pretty scary to think about.

8. Flight 191
On May 27, 1979, Flight 191 of American Airlines was preparing to take off, but then something unexpected happened. Just as the plane was leaving the runway, it lost its left engine, and the plane lost balance and fell back down. The crash landing ignited the fuel tanks, and there was a massive explosion. Excluding 9/11, this is the worst plane disaster in American history. 271 people on the plane, and two people on the ground, lost their lives in an instant.
But this is not the end of Flight 191. Apart from this tragedy in 1979, over the years – there have been many other plain disasters of flights numbered 191. From the 1960s onwards, there have been five recorded plane crashes. In 2012, there was also a Flight 191 , of JetBlue Airways where a pilot started ranting about terrorists and 9/11. He was thrown out of the cockpit by the co-pilot, and the passengers managed to subdue him. He was later put in a psychiatric institution.
Most people refuse to believe that there is any connection between all of those 191 Flights, but c’mon, you have to admit it is just a bit too much coincidence to ignore.

7. Egypt Air Flight 990
Speaking of bizarre coincidences, on Halloween morning (yup, Halloween) of 1999, Flight 990 of Egypt Air fell into the Atlantic with 217 people onboard.
Here’s where the plot thickens. Egyptian officials launched an investigation, but they didn’t have enough resources to do it by themselves. So, they asked the NTSB (US National Transportation Safety Board) to help them out. But when the NTSB found out there were some criminal activities going on, it decided to get the FBI involved as well. All of a sudden, the Egyptian officials changed their mind and realized that they could finish the investigation themselves without anyone’s help. Nothing suspicious here – right?

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