Check out the most mysterious discoveries from india! These bizarre ancient findings feature some unbelievable unexplained mysteries discovered during indian archaeology!

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10.) Twin Town
The village of Kodinhi, in India is pretty strange. Not because of its landscape or temples but because of the abnormal number of twins born there. Kodinhi only has around 2,000 families but there are over 220 sets of twins that were born there. Many believe that there could be even more sets of twins in the village, bringing the total up to over 300. This is over 10% of the town. What is even more bizarre, is that every year the number of twins born in the village increases. Scientists are completely baffled. Another fact that makes this village more unusual is that having twin in India is known to be rare. On average, four out of every 1,000 Indian births are twins. In Kodinhi, the number is 45 per 1,000 births. Doctors are unsure why there are so many sets of twins in Twin Town but often wonder if it might be genetics, or literally something in the water. Even women who have moved away from the village give birth to sets of twins. Scientist Dr. Sribiju is trying to get the support he needs to discover the secret of Kodinhi because of the immense scientific implications it would have.

9.) Nine Unknown Men
While this may not sound like much, these nine unknown men could have been equal or even more powerful than the Illuminati. The legend goes that this powerful secret society was founded by Emperor Ashoka of India in 273 BC after a battle that killed over 100,000 men. Ashoka was disturbed by the massacre and decided to integrate rebellious people into society instead of fighting more wars. Science and technology were always being used for evil so he decided to appoint 9 men who would keep special books of knowledge a secret.
They were said to hold the secrets of anti-gravity and time travel. These men were to never let these secrets out because Emperor Ashoka believed most of the people in society could not handle this information and it would destroy everyone in the wrong hands. No one had ever heard of this society until 1923.
There are always to be exactly nine men in Ashoka’s secret society. In order to conceal their communications, the Nine Unknown Men were said to speak in a made-up language which was incomprehensible to anyone but themselves. What makes this society even more strange is that not all the past members, or maybe even current members, are from India. Many people suspect that they are from all over the world. Among the suspected members of the Nine Unknown is Pope Sylvester II and Vikram Sara-bhai, the scientist who created India’s budding space program.

8.) The Curse of Kuldhara
For over 500 years, the village of Kuldhara was populated by about 1,500 residents. One night, around 200 years ago, they all disappeared. They did not die or get abducted, they just left the village. The reason for their sudden departure of the village is unclear, even to this day, but there are several suspecting reasons why. Some people believe they fled the taxation of an oppressive ruler, while others tell the story of young lovers and the girl’s angry father who was a big shot in the village. The starcrossed lovers were doomed from the start and all kinds of bad things happened. What makes this tale more bizarre is that when they left, they left a curse on the village. The curse is literally that no one can ever settle in the village again. Today, most of the houses are still in the same condition as when they were left. In fact, many people believe that the village of Kuldhara is a true ghost town. Many people believe that those who died in the village now haunt the village.

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