Food Findo (Rohit Srivastava):
Orissa is the old name. It is now Odisha.
Orissa or Odisha is a wonderful eastern India destination that is not yet explored well. However in this video we are enjoying a few food varieties of Cuttack. That day we started off by enjoying Nana Dhaba’s Mutton Curry Meals and then continued to Pahala for Rasagulla and Chana Podo, and finally concluded the day food with Cuttack special lassi.
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Orissa roadside food and Orissa street food varieties are the ones that we are trying here. Nana’s Dhaba is something that Rohit Srivastava suggested me to try first. There we enjoyed a complete meal with Mutton curry. After the mutton rice meal, we continued on the NH 16 (National Highway 16) to Pahala for tasting Orissa’s special rasagulla. Pahala is the home for Orissa rasagullas which are slightly different from the rasagullas from West Bengal. Here the rasagullas are much softer and has a peach colour. After rasagullas it was the turn for chana podo. Chana podos are made from paneer (cottage cheese) some of them are baked while some others are steamed. Ether the way it is a wonderful sweet dish that we can try after a meal.
Cuttack also has a unique variety of lassi which is made with curd, crushed ice, condensed milk, and many more ingredients. Watch this video for enjoying our Cuttack Food Video Part 1. We have more to explore in Orissa and those videos will come as the part of Orissa food tour.
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