Places to see in ( Siena – Italy ) Cappella di Piazza

The Chapel of Piazza is the marble tabernacle that stands at the foot of the Torre del Mangia in Piazza del Campo in Siena , advanced compared to the profile of the town hall and the only building projecting from the surface of the square.

It was built in 1352 to thank the Virgin Mary of the escaped danger of the black plague that had struck the city in 1348 . Its construction, begun by Domenico di Agostino , continued for a long time: the corner pillars were rebuilt several times and took on their current form in 1376 under the direction of Giovanni di Cecco . At the time it was only pillars, with a simple roof covering. The sculptures inserted in the Gothic niches of the pillars were executed only between 1378 and 1382 by Mariano d’Angelo Romanelli and Bartolomeo di Tommé saidPizzino .

The latter realized only the San Bartolomeo (lower in the left pillar in front), while all the others belong to the first. The marbles in the side enclosure, decorated with an ornament from the Pisan date back to the 13th century, perhaps come from the ancient baptismal font of the Duomo , dismantled when the baptistery was created . The marbles on the front were redone in 1846 by Enea Becheroni .

The simple roof that supported it was replaced by Antonio Federighi between 1461 and 1468 with a renaissance time on straight arches; the same author also owes the bizarre and antiquesque decorations of the crowning.

Above the altar, between 1537 and 1539 , Giovanni Antonio Bazzi called Il Sodoma frescoed the Madonna with the Son and God the Father , whose remains are preserved today in the Civic Museum inside the Palazzo Pubblico. The wrought iron gates are fourteenth century, the work of Conte di Iello Orlandi and Pietruccio di Betto .

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