Support We don’t always get along with The Distributist, who doesn’t like our abrasive style, but we’ve had about enough of lying blowhards like DarkMatter2552, and in reality, with his lies, Dark Matter squelches important voices. Like most of the Atheist thug community he helped create.

Here’s time points we’ll try to hit:

3:13:10 – 3:13:39 (I forgot)
3:15:18 – 3:17:07 (“muh Bible, because muh believers!”)
3:17:30 – 3:19:32 (“muh religion gets in the way of truth!”)
3:21:54 – 3:22:27 (muh Science oppression!)
3:22:33 – 3:22:53 (“not saying the scientists of old were secret atheists, just saying they WOULD of been atheists”)
3:25:06 – 3:26:25 (“Well, Girodano Bruno may not of been killed for his science, but he was a scientist who just so happened to be killed!”)
3:26:54 – 3:27:39 (“I don’t apporve of anybody being killed”)

3:28:13 – 3:29:15 (back to Galileo) 3:29:45 – 3:30:42 (“when you die, you die. nothing matters”) 3:33:15 – 3:34:33 (“Copernicus was just catering to the church”) 3:36:19 – 3:38:09 (muh religion interfering with science) 3:40:47 – 3:43:09 (revising history) 3:44:30 -3:45:25 (“I’m not saying atheists should get credit”)
3:46:25 – 3:47:06 (“muh atheism increasing because of education”)
3:47:38 – 3:49:22 (“I’m not a Communist”)
3:56:28 – 3:57:18 (more Christian-bashing)
3:57:43 – 3:58:15 (projecting)3:58:24 – 3:59:41 (the end)

The truth about Darkmatter: “Darkmatter2525 and Blackmail and Doc Dropping and CartesianTheist”

The utterly full of it blowhard DarkMatter2525’s “The Revisionist”

Distributist’s actual video, which you know most Darkmatter’s fans will not bother watching or if they do will simply skim it looking for idiot comments to make about it that aren’t even honest:

Storming The Heavens: The Soviet League of the Militant Godless

The New Atheist Denial of History

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