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Rhinoplasty I Nose job surgery

Nose job commonly known as rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure to correcting and reconstructing the form of the nose and restoring the functions of it.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most populer cosmetic surgery procedure.The purpose of rhinoplasty is to correct the shape of the nose in the best way to be in a good harmony with face features and also restoring any problems which obstacle the functions of it.

For People at Age of 18 or over, rhinoplasty operation can be done. For rhinoplasty there is no maximum Age limitation or specific time border.
If there is a breathing problem or cosmetic problems with nose , rhinoplasty can be done. The most common problems with nose are; arched nose, falling noses tips and irregular nose shapes.

Beside those reasons most of the people want to look like some of the famous people therefore they want to have nose operations. In operation process the needed and detailed information should be given to the patients in order to satisfy patients expectations. The cost of the operation determines after consultation. The reason of it is, at consulatation the length and procedures of the nose surgery being decided by surgeons.

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