Thank you for viewing, subscribing, liking, sharing and LOVIN’ LATIN AMERICA. This episode explains the development of female behavioral codes modeled after Virgin Mary.

Evelyn Stevens “Marianismo: The Other Face of Machismo” in Confronting Change, Challenging Tradition. Women in Latin American History (1994).

• Division of labor and gender notions
• Marianista iconography predates Christianity — Fallopian
• Social manifestations of Marianismo
• Synchretism of cultures – Tonantzin and Guadalupe

One of the most extreme, bizarre, entertaining, and totally logical manifestation of MARIANISMO in colonial Latin America is CONVENUAL LIFE. Women ran an entire economic sector of the Catholic Church in America. Their institutions included CONVENTS, BEATERIOS, RECOGIMIENTOS, ORPHANAGES, 3RD ORDERS, COFRADIAS. To learn more, join me, Cronista de Indias for the next episode of “Latin American Divas,” S1E5 “The Brides of Christ and Other Religious Women.”