Check out the smartest animals in the world! From the smartest cats to the smartest dogs and other creatures, this top 10 list of most intelligent animals has some of the most clever behavior in animals you’ve ever seen!

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10.) Manta Ray
While much is still unknown about the manta ray, scientists have discovered that they have the biggest brains of all the world’s fishes, which is about 32,000 species total. The brain of the manta ray is known to be about ten sizes bigger than the white sharks.

9.) Dogs
Man’s best friend has been hanging out with us for as long as 32,000 years!! While scientists argue about how to measure intelligence exactly, the average dog is said to have the intelligence of a 2-year-old child although some breeds are smarter than others.

8.) Pigeons
This one might surprise you since they are usually just hanging around waiting for crumbs and are kind of dirty and gross. Pigeons are considered to be one of the most intelligent birds on the planet and able to undertake tasks previously thought to be the sole preserve of humans and primates.

7.) Chimpanzees
The chimpanzee is widely regarded as the animal that is most closely related to us. Studies show that we share over 90% of our DNA and our genomes are 98% identical. Studies that have been going on for the past 30 years have shown that chimpanzees can learn to take on a lot of tasks that humans do, such as household chores and even learning sign language.

6.) Pigs
Pigs just might be the smartest domestic animals in the world. Even though pigs are known to be dirty, silly creatures, they are actually extremely clean and highly intelligent.
A new study showed that pigs could use mirrors to find their food and could deceive other pigs and fake them out so they could eat more.

5.) Octopuses
People have been admiring the octopus and its mysterious eyes for centuries! A roman writer, Claudius Aelianus wrote in the 3rd century that the octopus was crafty and mischievous.
Octopuses have the largest brains of any invertebrate. The common octopus has 500 million neurons in its body but only about 130 million neurons are in its brain.

4.) Dolphins
You probably already know that dolphins are smart but just how smart they are might surprise you. If we consider ourselves as the most intelligent species, dolphins have a lot of similarities to our human intelligence. The more we study them, the smarter they are.

3.) African Grey Parrots
The African Grey is a species of parrot that is found in the West and Central African rainforest. Parrots have long been able to show that they can mimic human speech, but this parrot can associate words with their meaning and form small sentences.

2.) Elephants
In many cultures elephants are seen as a symbol of wisdom and are known for their incredible memories.They create mental maps and are said to remember exact locations of watering and feeding holes they haven’t visited for years.

1. Ravens
Ravens aren’t just creepy birds, they have been admired throughout history for their wily ways and many cultures have stories about them. Ravens and their relatives such as crows and magpies are reputed to be really, really smart. Ravens have 15 to 33 categories of recorded vocalizations.

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