Indian popular food pani puri. Pani puri (which is also known as a golgappa and is most commonly referred to as a puchka in
Kolkata) is widely available as a street snack in India, and in other countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.
It’s virtually impossible to miss a vendor selling puchka (pani puri) in Kolkata.
Their road-side stands are piled high with a mountain of deep fried dumpling looking things that are set up in an upside down cone shaped sculpture (still not as cool looking as
ghugni chaat).
What is a Pani Puri (Puchka)?
The popular street snack all begins with something known as a puri – a deep fried crunchy piece of dough that’s hollow on the inside. It’s about the big size of a golf ball and thin like a potato chip on all sides.
Pani is the Hindi word for water .
Together pani puri is the agglomeration of a hollow chip filled with sour water, and though it sounds bizarre (chips dipped in water), it’s such a marvelous combination, like so many Indian foods.
There are a number of different flavors of water that make a pani puri, but in the Indian state of West Bengal, the water for a puchka often includes tamarind juice.
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