This episode of Ten Minute History (like a documentary, only shorter) covers the birth, rise, stagnation and swift fall of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Beginning with the 1848 Revolutions through the 1867 compromise this episode will take a look at the political and social issues the empire had. It covers the reign of Ferdinand, Franz Joseph and Karl I (Charles I) and how the empire launched the First World War which would ultimately be its downfall. The episode finishes by cover the treaties which were signed after the war and carved up the empire into the nations of eastern and central Europe.

Ten Minute History is a series of short, ten minute animated narrative documentaries that are designed as revision refreshers or simple introductions to a topic. Please note that these are not meant to be comprehensive and there’s a lot of stuff I couldn’t fit into the episodes that I would have liked to. Thank you for watching, though, it’s always appreciated.

Recommended books:

A Concise History of Austria – Steven Beller. A fantastic book which covers all of Austrian History whilst pointing out the relevant parts of Hungarian history, too.

The Last Years of Austria-Hungary – Mark Cornwall.