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0:10 100k Was the force of the entire military in this campaign however this was most likely divided up between multiple fronts, key objectives and strategical placements so it wasn’t the entire 100k force in Caransebes.

1:25 Turci actually means Turks not Ottomans however it’s what most of the people in the Austrian Empire called the Ottomans.

3:20 The Ottoman source specifies that they used the surprising confusion within the Austrian forces north of the Mehadia Pass (Basically Where Karansebes is Located) in September. However don’t say what caused this so it could have well been the Battle of Karansebes.

3:49 The publication is very over exaggerated as mentioned in the video however it proves the fact that something Happened in Caransebes.

Most criticism about the battle or the blunder not happening argue that there is no mention of it in the Viennese war archives. However considering the scope of the blunder it is completely not unheard of (specially during that time) for the military staff and even the emperor him self to try everything in their power to sweep it all under a rug or at least down play the scope of the blunder.

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