Today, we flipped and had The Faroe Islands in bad weather. Terrible weather for photography.
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Yesterday on the Faroe Islands we had such great weather. In fact, at some points it was too nice as the skies were too blue for good landscape photography. At one point, I caught myself wishing for a little bit of bad weather. I wish I hadn’t.
You see, landscape photography is so often about bad weather, or at least wild skies and moody clouds. But. today The Faroe Islands weather went a little bit too far. We got crushed by rain and fog. And – not really filmed in the photography vlog today – we spent almost the whole day running around the islands looking for places to take pictures. Sadly, we hardly found any. Still, I think we made today work despite the challenges.
And, on tomorrow’s photography vlog, we’ll find more places to take pictures here on The Faroe Islands.