After a few savage call-outs by a couple of my cherished listeners who misunderstood something I said using my strange American humor, I offer this Redux version of episode CHP-176. The offending few bits have been taken out and replaced with something that won’t be misunderstood. As for the previous version of this video….it’s now retired after almost 20,000 listens…Thanks to everyone who listened and left me all those lovely comments.

This episode explains a little about the “Gagi Nang”, the 自己人, known the world over as the Teochew (Chiu Chow or Chaozhou) people. Like the Hakka people, the Teochew’s were originally from the Yellow River Valley and migrated to their present location on the Guangdong coast via Fujian province. Their language and culture are unique. Their food and Chaozhou culture is celebrated in more places than Chaozhou and not just by the people from that region. There are Chaozhounese people on every continent except maybe Antarctica. They’re a proud group of people with a collective track record that is admirable by any standards of human achievement. The only mentions in this episode were of the Teochew’s of South East Asia and the US. There are plenty of other lesser known or unknown histories of Teochew’s in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Central and South America and of course Australia and New Zealand. The great 19th-century Chinese diaspora is filled with stories, legends, and historical events. The Chiu Chow people are a major part of everything that happened. They contributed not only to the society and the economy of their adoptive homelands, they still kept their ties with the eight districts of Chao-Shan.

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