Top 10 Fastest Trains in The World 2018 Amazing Compilation of the High speed train
Hi guys, this video is about TOP-10 FASTEST TRAINS in the world.

Train travel can be far more gratifying than air travel. Besides being more economical, train travel has the added benefit of picturesque views. What’s more, with the advent of high-speed rail, trains are only becoming faster; travelling in Europe by train is already speedier than by plane.

How fast? Here is a list of the world’s fastest high-speed trains, graded by operating speed:

10. THSR 700T, Taiwan
9. ICE 3, Germany
8. TALGO 350 , Spain
7. Frecciarossa 1000, Italy
6. HEMU 430X, South korea
5. N700 Series Shinkansen, Japan
4. CRH380A, China
3. Shanghai Maglev, China
2. TGV, France
1. L0series SC Maglev, Japan

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