The forest on this list is full of mysteries. from the one with ancient history, a place filled with the weird trees, a scenery that like it come out from a fantasy world, a haunted forest, a forest that make it name through the people who commit suicide to the forest that actually just look kinda mysterious but actually there is no actual mystery on it. If you love challenges, then vacationing in this mysterious places would be very exciting for you. Exploring the hidden locations and facing the fear that is capable of making people like you enjoy the thrill of adventures! Well, maybe this 10 most mysterious forests in the world can be your next travel destination. #TheSBS

Countdown list of the most mysterious forest in the world and its location:
10. Hallerbos (Belgium)
9. Stanton Moor (English)
8. Rata Forest (New Zealand)
7. Black Forest (Germany)
6. Crooked Forest (Poland)
5. Goblin Forest (New Zealand)
4. Moss Swamp (Romania)
3. Otzarreta Forest (Spain)
2. Aokigahara (Japan)
1. Hoia-Baciu Forest (Romania)

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