Top 10 STRANGEST Things Found Underwater! From potential UFO’s to the worlds first personal computer…stay tuned to number 1 to find the strangest thing found under the surface of our planets seas and oceans.

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Number 10: Baltic Sea Anomaly.
Wow. “Baltic Sea Anomaly”. This sounds just like a 1950s sci-fi movie, with strange creatures and aliens…but it’s not. In fact, this is the name given to a mysterious disc lying on the seabed. It was discovered in 2011 by a diving team from Sweden, and the explorers claimed that, when they first saw the strange object – it immediately reminded them of Han Solo’s ship – “The Millennium Falcon”. It had practically the same shape, like a flattened UFO saucer. Once the news of this discovery hit the media, UFO “experts” and conspiracy theorists had a field day, most of them claiming that, finally, there is solid evidence that aliens exist. On the other hand, there were other people, such as military experts, who claimed that the find was actually part of an old, 1940’s style anti-submarine mine. And finally, along the UFO deniers, were scientists who dispelled all this with one simple claim – the “object” was actually a glacial deposit. Nothing more, nothing less. Although the debate still remains, two things are certain: one, if the object is indeed a glacial deposit, it definitely looks strange and, two – why aren’t there any more of these deposits to be found, to prove the theory? At least, that’s what the conspiracy theorists keep asking…
Number 9: “The Ghost Fleet”
Again, another potential title of a B-movie…but it’s not. Ghost Fleet is actually something straight from the history book. Here’s the deal: during the final years of WWII, the balance of the superpowers changed completely. The Americans had supremacy in the air, and US bombers were flying across the Pacific Ocean, dropping bombs on Japanese imperial ships, bent on annihilating them completely. What’s interesting is that most of Japanese ships were actually located in one place – Truk Lagoon, a place in the Caroline Islands. The Allied Forces decided to strike the final blow to the Japanese navy, and a massive military campaign began. In a two-day operation, Japan lost around 50 ships and, since there wasn’t enough time for the Allies to clean up the mess, the material that was sunk in the action went down to the bottom of the ocean.
Some twenty years later, explorers came to the place to look for the remains of the Truk Lagoon arsenal, and they found so many interesting things down there: tanks, airplanes, ships, etc. What’s amazing is that everything’s practically intact, in very good condition, but what was really spooky is the fact that the bodies of many of the Japanese soldiers were still around…
Number 8: Lake Michigan’s “Stonehenge.”
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What, there is a Stonehenge-like structure in Lake Michigan? Well, yes, apparently. And if it sounds creepy to you, it sure is. But how did it get there, and what is it?
Here’s the story: some time ago, divers were swimming deep in the waters of Lake Michigan when they found a strange-looking structure. Stones positioned in circular patterns, resembling those of the actual Stonehenge in England. But the Stonehenge in England was built 10,000 years ago – is it possible that its American counterpart is also that old? It remains unclear, to this day. The problem with the strange site deep in Lake Michigan is that, as opposed to its English cousin, it’s in a pretty bad shape, because the stones have degraded significantly. And no one has the faintest idea how the construction came about…especially underwater. Scientists are having a hard time researching, because the water prevents them from spending enough time to do it. On the other hand, there are those who believe that, at the time when the circle structure was built, Lake Michigan wasn’t a lake at all, but rather a valley – and was completely dry. The water started collecting there much later. Okay, this theory definitely makes sense, no doubt about it. But here’s the main question: how come that the American and British Stonehenge are so alike? Were they made by the same people?
Number 7: Bimini Road.
This unusual “road” is located in the Bahamas, and it’s become one of the most popular tourist attractions there. Basically, it’s an underground path, and it’s not located very deep, in fact – it’s only 6 meters below water. If you want to see it, you can, because it’s right there, in the shallows!