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Japan’s third largest city, the industrial metropolis of Osaka lies just 26 miles (42km) south of Kyoto. Osaka is an ancient city, powerful in the days of the feudal lords and samurai. Now the city is a commercial hub, focused on making money and having a good time: it has a reputation in Japan as one of the best places to eat, drink and be merry.

Visitors to Osaka will find it incredibly easy to get around, as the city boasts a highly developed public transportation system that spans the entire area and is particularly accommodating of foreigners. A lot of the travel information in Osaka, such as signs, maps, and noticeboards, is presented in English, which can make the difference between reaching one’s destination quickly and hours of bewildered wandering.

Osaka offers many of the same hardcore shopping opportunities that Japan’s other major metropolises do, with the most famous shopping district, Shinsaibashi, offering a mixture of department stores, fashionable boutiques, and Western stores. Nipponbashi is the best place to go for electronics.


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