Who Am I? In the third episode we further analyze, explore and examine the ancient American civilizations as we take a closer look at the Mayans and Aztecs of Mexico. According to the Popol Vuh; the story of Creation, the ancient artifacts and depictions in the Codices, it’s very obvious WHO these ancient people were Before Eurasian conquest and assimilation. Further exemplifying how we have been so conditioned to accept the construct of the racial layouts of populations for the continents and different regions across the Earth. This embeds a false belief that many of these populations are native or indigenous to many of these locations; without the mention of usurps, migrations, displacements and the relocation of entire populations through conquests. But, when you do your research and find out that the oldest people and things from antiquity are what is called Negro, then it all begins to make sense. The illusion of Out of Africa was crushed with the TRUTH that the Ancient Aboriginal People of Asia predated a thought of an Egyptian Dynasty by at least 12,000 years.

As we look at the many depictions and illustrations of the People who made up over 500 Nations in the Americas before a group of people with a similar phenotype brought the Visigoths that we know as Spaniards to American shores; in comparison to people that we see everyday…the phenotype is undeniable. We have scientists confirming that the oldest skulls ever found in America are Negro. These skulls are 9 to 12 thousand years old, which says without saying that so-called Negro civilizations have been in the Americas since antiquity.

Scientist have even announced that the oldest “Y Chromosome” which is said to be the Father Gene of all men is 338,000 years old and it was discovered in the DNA of an American, who was formerly classified as a Negro. This predates their Theories of a Bering Strait Crossing and their Theory of Evolution by at least 325,000 years.

Within the past 2,000 years the lands that were once originally populated by dark skinned people are now inhabited and controlled by pale skinned people of Scythian, Tartary, Turkish, Mongol ancestry. We’ve been lied to, tricked and manipulated since the Mongol’s conquest of Central and South America in the 13th Century, and then Columbus’s invasion in 1492. This was the beginning of a trans-Atlantic slave trade when Columbus and his men kidnapped, enslaved and took thousands of richly melanated Americans to Spain. Not to mention the many other accounts of Americans living in the east coastal territories being kidnapped by sea merchants and sold into slavery in Europe and Africa throughout the 1500’s.

Less we forget the Dutch West India Company and their total monopoly on the capture and trading of American slaves from their settlements and trading posts in New Amsterdam (New York), the Caribbean and New Holland in Brazil in the 1600’s. The ultimate weapon of war and mind control was unleashed on the Dark-skinned original Americans that were called the Indios. Christianity was enforced and taught by the colonizers in the Native language of the Algonquin Indians in 1663. Before this there was no such thing as Christianity and there was No Jesus in America. Period.

The Mongol tribes of the Plain States that migrated into North America were not discovered or encountered by the U.S. Military until 1846. This is 16 years After the Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears. So, this proves that Mongol tribes or today’s Native Americans weren’t the people that the Indo-Europeans first encountered and they weren’t the Natives that the colonizers were at war with for over two centuries before any Mongol tribes were encountered in the Plain states. Mongol tribes weren’t on the east coast or in the colonial states or the cotton-producing black belt states of the South during slavery. Today’s so-called Native Americans were just discovered less than 20 years before slavery was abolished in America. Look at a U.S. Census from 1790 to 1850. There are No Native Americans or Asians in America accounted for or recorded until 1860. Yet, there were over 750,000 Blacks in 1790 and over 3.5 million in 1850. But Not One so-called Native American or Asian of today. Think about that.

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