Zoom History is the actual account of occurrences and events throughout time as evidenced by the facts around them. Removing political or religious persuaded falsehoods and bias preconceptions, . I want to make history as exciting, interesting and thought provoking for everyone; as it is for me. We have a rich, fascinating history, with much for all of us to learn from it.

Music: Mysteries – Dan Lebowitz

I would like to give thanks and recognition to each and every individual that came before me, whose work has aided me, and whom used many of the same words I am using and images in my productions. I create more and more original images for my presentations, and share freely with no copyright through hitorytraveler.org

Please consider this a blanket statement of gratitude and recognition, to everyone whose shoulders I stand upon, and anyone feeling left out, yet deserving of special credit or honorable mention; this is it.